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Surf4Swimwear is the trading name on line for the British company Stunners Limited that sources those harder to find designs of swimwear, mostly but not exclusively, for women. Unusually many designs of bikini are offered with a range of tops and shorts, pants, briefs as well as thongs  or string bottoms. Skorts are sometimes available, usually worn as a cover up over thongs, with their skirt front secured at the sides over a more modest short.

The company was founded in 1995 by Kay Williams, formerly in management in the financial services sector. Initially, the company's products were marketed via a traditional mail order catalogue. After a successful small scale website trial the company purchased the surf4swimwear  site in April 2003 and subsequently added a large number of clients following the acquisition of several previous competitors customers following their withdrawal from the market. Now a fully database driven website the dynamically sourced pages are always kept up to date with stock  levels, a huge contrast from the early days where some items would sell out within days of the launch of  a new catalogue.

The company was established in Cheshire UK near Chester where the company has remained. The swimwear was originally sourced exclusively from Brazil but now includes items sourced from a wider range of countries including the more adventurous manufacturers in Europe.